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About Data and Privacy

We respect your privacy of course. However, we want to be able to serve our website visitors in general appreciated ways. We use as follows to collect and share data:

  • Social media
  • Contact forms
  • Google analytics – we like to see where our visitors come from and which content they prefer viewing.

So, this site will set several cookies if you allow this. It is for our mutual benefit. We expect that this will not be a problem for you. We will always ask for your consent in regard to private data and we will never use your data for the benefit of third parties.

You are in control.

Every browser gives you the possibility to remove selected or all history as well as cookies. When you open the settings tab or library tab of your browser you are able to choose to remove your browsing history. Pick the ‘Clear browsing / Recent history data’ option, select what you want to remove and remove it.

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