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Bahia Insights

Bairro de Barra no Salvador da Bahia

Salvador and Itaparica Island. Rich culture – splendid beaches.

Salvador was the first historic capital of Brazil since Governor the General Thome de Souza made it the seat of the royal administration in 1549. This by the order of João II of Portugal. Salvador played a leading economic and political role until 1763. Then the seat of administration was transferred to Rio de Janeiro. The city is built along a vast bay, named ‘the Bay of All Saints’. With a surface of 1,100 square[…]

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On of the beautiful beaches of Itacare

Travel and Leisure in Bahia Brazil

The state of Bahia is the fifth largest in Brazil and is located in the nation’s northeastern fringes along the Atlantic coast. Its capital city, Salvador, is the fourth most populous Brazilian city and is located at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of All Saints. The state of Bahia has for long been a mecca for both suave Brazilians as well as for seasoned international tourists due to its myriad of sophisticated[…]

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