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Travel and Leisure in Bahia Brazil

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The state of Bahia is the fifth largest in Brazil and is located in the nation’s northeastern fringes along the Atlantic coast. Its capital city, Salvador, is the fourth most populous Brazilian city and is located at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of All Saints.

The state of Bahia has for long been a mecca for both suave Brazilians as well as for seasoned international tourists due to its myriad of sophisticated attractions. This Eden-like stretch along the country’s northeast coast is a veritable utopia that offers music, culture, and arguably the best beaches on the continent. The city of Salvador is also historically significant for being the first landmark on South America to be officially sighted by European sailors in 1501.

Today you can fly directly into Salvador from every international hub, and most hotels can conveniently arrange to meet you at the airport upon your arrival. After transferring to your pousada, or traditional hotel room in the historic center of the city, you can easily book excursions to take capoeira and drumming lessons, participate in classes on preparing local cuisine, or head to one of the state’s numerous beaches.


Endless Travel and Leisure options in Bahia.

Lencois, portal to chapada diamantina
Take a bus to Chapada Diamantina

You could also go to Salvador’s bus station to board a bus for an inland tour of the state, which may see you traversing large sugar cane plantations to the town of Lencois in Chapada Diamantina National Park. On arriving at your destination, you will be at leisure to participate in hiking excursions that will take you directly into the park. These activities have been tailored to varying degrees of difficulty to cater to the participants’ diverse physical abilities and can be booked in advance on your behalf.

You could also visit the Cachoeira da Fumaça waterfalls located within the park, and which was until recently believed to be Brazil’s highest at 353 meters. Most of Bahia, especially the region surrounding the park, is attractive to thrill seekers from around the world due to a large number of caves and waterfalls that are just begging to be explored.

The resort of Corumbau is a secluded destination located 30 miles from any town or airport, which provides some of the most lavish accommodations in Brazil which are complemented with gorgeous beach views.



If you are so inclined, you could choose to just wander the cobbled streets of historic Salvador, Bahia’s capital, and the oldest city in Brazil. Salvador was historically the main point of entry for slaves imported to work the sugar plantation. This can be attributed as the main reason behind the city’s vibrant African culture. You could tour the neighborhood of Pelourinho, where the main slave market was located, and which is now a UNESCO- heritage site.

The Mercado Modelo is a large Bahian art and crafts market where hundreds of vendors ply their trade in an old converted slave warehouse. You should include it in your tour itinerary while in Salvador since it is not only full of interesting items that can be had at cheap bargains, but it is also a colorful and fun place for observing the local culture at its best.

You may also simply opt to just enjoy a coffee or caipirinha in any of the several charming cafes and coffeehouses dotting the city of Salvador or to spend your day sunbathing and relaxing on a lovely beach at Praia do Forte, north of Salvador.

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